The 133rd Canton Fair: Upgrading Intelligent Manufacturing. Changhong Unveils an Exciting New Range of Smart Home Appliances

April 15, 2023 marked the official opening of the 133rdSpring Canton Fair, a momentous trade event that represents China’s openness to the world and always attracts a huge number of foreign and domestic manufacturers eager to showcase their latest innovations. Marking a full resumption of offline activities after years of pandemic restrictions, this year’s event was even more special than usual, combining real-world exhibits and more recent online advancements into a cutting-edge space for global-China trade ties to flourish.

Intelligent manufacturing promoting, Changhong stunning debut with new products

As one of China’s leading home appliance manufacturers, Changhong arrived at the exhibition with a full range of new products and advancements to reveal to the world. These included a complete set of 5G ecological home appliances, Mini LED series TVs, 360 ° pure fresh air conditioners, and Space Pro refrigerators and washing machines. Together, they represented the continuing strength of the company’s research and development as well as our technical prowess.

The event has proven a chance for us to demonstrate the continuing drive that is upgrading our intelligent manufacturing capabilities across the whole range. Our goal is to break down the walls of the typically restrictive and routine appliance industry and think outside the box, with technology as our guiding light. We’re doing this by focusing on three core technologies: full-room distributed voice interaction, whole-house collaborative AI cross-product control, and full-device non-sensing self-organizing networks.

When it comes to innovation, we always do so with our customers –people– in mind. Put simply: what can make their home experience better? Harnessing the power of intercommunication, interconnection, and mutual control of a complete set of smart household appliances, we believe that we have brought the dream of the perfect home closer to reality - a new standard for simple, convenient full-space voice interaction in the home.

MiniLED: A New Benchmark for Imaging Technology

We truly believe that first-rate R&D leads to first-rate products. At this year’s Canton Fair, we put that belief into practice by showcasing China's first 8K high-brush MiniLED TV, giving visitors from both home and abroad the chance to experience an awe-inspiring new benchmark in TV display, powered by ultra-picture quality, ultra-display, ultra-audio, and ultra-chip technology.

When it comes to overseas markets, one of our most exciting announcements of the year comes in the form of our brand-new series of MiniLED television products. The ultra-thin mini crystal backplane combines the latest quantum dot technology, full-screen design, and a 95% ultra-high screen ratio to provide a cutting-edge, lifelike, and immersive viewing experience. We’ve also levelled up our larger home entertainment solutions by debuting the first overseas 98-inch home giant screen – the 98F8T, featuring a cinema-level display panel with 4K image quality and a 120HZ refresh rate that creates a viewing experience that has to be seen to be believed.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re expanding our entertainment range even further by taking aim at the gaming market with a new e-sports monitor. Built with a free lifting and fully rotating base, ultra-fast response speed, and HDR image quality, it’s a screen that empowers players with the ability to experience their favorite worlds with unprecedented immersion.

Health and Comfort with 360° Pure Fresh Air

Modern consumers demand that their smart appliances increase their quality of home life, and meeting this demand is at the core of everything we do at Changhong. Increasingly, these consumer demands extend to health.

After years of technological innovations and breakthroughs in terms of wind sensation, air outlet, and air control, at the Canton Fair we debuted a dust-free fresh air solution for the modern home - the Changhong 360° Pure Fresh Air Conditioner. The air inlet and outlet, and the fresh air outlet, use fully closed two-stage dust-proof technology to prevent dust from falling into the air conditioner, ensuring that the fresh air it pumps out contains no secondary pollution. We call this 360° dust-free fresh air. The fresh air inlet is also equipped with a professional air purification HEPA filter that can filter out 95% of fine dust (down to sizes as small as 0.3um). Equipped with a UVC sterilization device, it can achieve true fresh air oxygenation, air purification, and multi-effect integration.

All of this is aimed at one thing – providing customers with comfort and peace of mind in their home no matter the circumstances.

Space Pro Ice Wash Products | Thinner, Smarter

The Canton Fair also gave us the chance to debut devices for levelling up any modern kitchen or laundry room - our Space Pro series of refrigerators and washing machines.

Each item in this series adopts our world-leading “comprehensive thin technology”, with Space Pro series refrigerators boasting a thinner body thickness than almost any other competitor on the market, taking up less floor space and achieving 1cm tolerance installation. With our Space Pro series washing machines we have reduced the volume of the machine itself while increasing its capacity, also adding a one-click intelligent washing system and pioneering drying channel water washing function.

Our innovation in smart refrigerators doesn’t end there. Our overseas brand CHiQ will soon launch their own range of Cross Door Series refrigerators, each adopting independent electronic control with four doors and three temperature zones and equipped with separate temperature sensing probes and electric dampers.

This innovative design – focusing on large capacity and intelligent temperature sensing - can meet all of the food storage needs of the modern home. The cross-section structure of the product, its serialized appearance, and its industrial design, meanwhile, ensure that they are guaranteed to fit right into any stylish, design-conscious home kitchen.

Optimized Operations, Better Overseas Performance

In 2022, we continued to optimize our industrial layout, accelerate market expansion, strengthen our brand development, and seize every chance to turn crisis into opportunity. Our annual export revenue grew steadily year-on-year, while production and sales of home appliances and core components expanded by 10% year-on-year, maintaining a healthy growth trend.

At present, Changhong's overseas business - which focuses on smart home appliances, core devices, set-top boxes, and new energy - has served more than 200 million users in more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

In 2022, we continued to expand and enrich our overseas product categories while accelerating the rollout of new monitors, washing machines and emerging IoT terminal products, doubling our year-on-year sales revenue.

Our overseas production bases have also continued to expand and improve. Anchored by our five major manufacturing bases in Spain, the Czech Republic, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Vietnam, we continue to evaluate our global operational needs and constantly make improvements wherever we can. We also recently completed site selection for a refrigerator compressor facility in Mexico and finalized the preliminary demonstration of investment for construction on two more new factories, one also in Mexico and the other in Poland. Moving forward, we remain committed to constantly improving our production bases for the North American and European markets.

Globally, we have remained committed to an overseas expansion strategy that puts customers and markets first, integrating our overseas customer resources and significantly improving the quality of our channel customers. In terms of smart home appliances, the core of our business, over the past three years we have maintained healthy overall growth with a compound annual growth rate of 13% in revenue. In the first quarter of 2023, our overall overseas sales revenue exceeded the historical high we set in Q1, with a year-on-year increase of over 20%. Sales revenue in markets such as Indonesia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East also all achieved year-on-year growth.