CHiQ redefines the Home Appliance market with +More

At its core, CHiQ is guided by the principle of Less effort, more living”. CHiQ designs and manufactures products that improve the quality of life for its users by not only being reliable but also time-saving and smart. Products that handle crucial tasks reliably and intelligently allow CHiQ customers to lead more joyful, relaxed lives. It is with these principles in mind that CHiQ has launched its +More campaign.


The +More campaign was designed to utilize CHiQs customer-first, ' less effort, more livingprinciples to show empirically what CHiQ products add to their users’ lives. As CHiQ launches globally, it is crucial to demonstrate to the market the breadth and depth of life improvements that CHiQ products can offer. Whether it is +Time, +Design, +Comfort, and most importantly +Value, CHiQ products are the choice for consumers worldwide. 


CHiQ's mission is to add +More to the lives of its customers. CHiQ does this by offering a wide range of products that give consumers +Design, +Comfort, and most importantly, overall +Value for their money.


CHiQ achieves this by delivering: 


1. +Choice

CHiQ offers customers a line of home appliances in different sizes, different functionalities, and different aesthetics that allow consumers to select the CHiQ product that fits into their lives seamlessly. When it comes to choice, CHiQ products offer everything and more, pleasing everybody in the household. 


2. +Design

Home appliances should blend into their environments, adding to the overall aesthetics of a space without drawing an overt amount of attention. CHiQ products are likewise designed to be understated, quietly going about their business while allowing their owners to enjoy their extra free time. 


3. +Comfort

At their core, home appliances exist to make the lives of their owners more comfortable. This humanist principle is central to the CHiQ brand and is reflected in CHiQs line of products. From the CHiQ Portable Air Conditioners long airflow range and a night mode that keeps any size room cool at any time to the line of CHiQ TVs with native support for a whole host of streaming services that allow an entire family to get comfortable on their sofa and choose together what to watch.



4. +Value

Ultimately, CHiQ understands that financial stability is a key facet of consumers’ lives. CHiQ products are thus priced to maximize value, incorporating key smart technologies and a wide range of functionalities designed to improve user operability and convenience, and an aesthetic that blends into any home environment, all for a price that means +More funds remain in our owners’ hands. 


5. +Passion

CHiQ believes that with enough passion, anything is achievable. One’s goals may change, but passion will always be the driving force behind progress. CHiQ applies this philosophy to not only its product designs, but its workplace culture. CHiQ believes that sponsoring its employees’ personal passions translates to a better work/life balance, and thus happier, more passionate employees. In fact, CHiQ’s annual employee sports tournaments were the inspiration for the CHiQ: Sponsor of Passion campaign.

The math is simple:

+Choice+Design+Comfort+Value+Passion = CHiQ, the discerning consumers home appliance solution.